There are things that make me speechless and sad. Speechless – because there are obviously people who are unable to rationally question themselves or reflect their own actions and sad – because we breeders are concerned with living beings. We breeders are in the duty!

After Mrs. Eberitzsch published her article „The sad story of our Atlantic Acadia’s Manhattan“ she got the following message from Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig.

„Dear Mrs. Eberitzsch,

Your recent activities on fb and on your HP are causing me to write this letter.

This letter offers you the opportunity to carry out damage limitation, otherwise we will inevitably take legal action. In your post from 20.10.2017 (screenshots as proof) and in your post last week (also available) as well as in numerous other post and fb writing per pn of the last few months (are available as screenshots) you spread false claims and representations worldwide by you better knowledge.
In addition to your slander against me, you undoubtedly have done me economic damage as well as reputational damage, which would also be the subject of a court case.

Also your activities are likely to discredit other catterys, which could possibly lead to lawsuits against you.
An example is your article from today concerning Mrs. Cristina Micheli (CH).
With this letter I give you once again the opportunity to talk with me objectivel, should the situation arise you can call me.

Manuela Heine-Donig “

With this letter Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig confirmed the events described by Mrs. Eberitzsch, surely unintentionally. I do not want to comment this message by Mrs Manuela Heine-Donig. The reader may think his part. I would have wished that you had found the strength to clarify the “problem Manhattan” without threats and intimidation tries.