I introduce a guest post by Manuela Eberitzsch, Maine Coon Cattery „Endless Kiss“. I had the opportunity to inspect the examination results and X-rays of Atlantic Acadia’s Manhattan. From my own experience, I know that breeding is not only fun. Animals feel like us humans! As breeders, we are committed to our responsibility.

Dear readers and breeders, dear friends,
We breed for a while Maine Coons under the Cattery name “Endless Kiss”. We have good contacts to other breeders. Of course, we know the cliffs that have to be sail when it comes to the way we breeders deal with each other. We spend beautiful moments with our friends and endure the hostility of our envious.

We made the experience that we are all almost always in love with our cats. Almost always…

We really enjoyed working with Manuela Heine-Donig. The cats of their breed Atlantic Acadia inspired us. But in the moment when the first serious conflict occurred, abysses opened up.

Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig once „taught“ me how a breeder has to do his “public relations work”.
I would be thrilled if she would follow her own advice.

With this text should be a against publication and and contradict the inappropriate representations of Mrs. Heine-Donig

The sad story of our Atlantic Acadia’s Manhattan born. 06/19/2015

Manhattan moved to us on the 11.10.2015 and we were very happy about the newcomer.

Manhattan had a bit of a runny nose and some diarrhea. We did not find that bad. He has settled in very well with us and quickly found cat friends. It was a harmonious coexistence and we had a lot of fun with him. In his first and unfortunately only exhibition, he was awarded with Best of Best. A great success for the breeder, Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig.
OUR Manhattan – A lovely cat with a great character. We were proud!

After a few months, we noticed that he was running very strange. The back crooked like a jackknife and I felt like he was tracing a leg. As Manhattan was growing, we watched it closely. After all, these problems did not get better but rather worse.

When we noticed that Manhattan could not jump well, we immediately introduced him to our vet. Manhattan got the big diagnostic package. The head, beck bone, cervical spine,breast spine, spine, hip and lumbar spine were x-rayed.
I held him in my arms, he got an anesthetic and was fixed in a special holder. I have known our veterinarian for years and trust him. If he does not say anything, that’s a bad sign. He just shook his head and asked for Manhattan’s age. I answered: „Almost 7 months.“ The veterinarian said that he had never seen anything like that at this age and that he had to consult with Dr. Pfeil ( veterinary clinic ). Tears ran down my face, what a terrible feeling, I can not describe it in words. Calm he explained to me the problem and every single X-ray image. I could not understand why Manhattan? But now we had the explanation for all his pain. His knee joints were also tested during the examinations.

The result of the investigation:

  1. lumbar spine: L7 / S1 changes detectable
  2. Hip: hip joint right: dysplasia subluxation – a femoral head resection recommended
  3. Knee joint left: habitual patellar luxation

Manhattan got painkillers so he could move normally until surgery.
I informed Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig about the diagnosed condition of Atlantic Acadia’s Manhattan. In this first conversation, I also mentioned gingivitis and malocclusion.

The reaction of Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig, who often and extravagantly emphasizes her expertise, made me sad and stunned. She said in all seriousness, that all this is NOT a hereditary disease. None of her breeding animals was HD examined at this time. Did she have clairvoyant skills or is her expertise insufficient?

We sent her as the breeder all the results of diagnostics incl. X-ray images of Manhattan. In the Diagnostic Center for Small Animals, the veterinary clinic in Dresden by Dr. med. med. vet. Popp an certificate was drawn up . Dr. Popp certified that Manhattan has hip dysplasia Grade 3.

Before his big operation, we had Manhattan castrated.
The surgery, a femoral head resection, went quite well. But two days after surgery, Manhattan was really bad and refused to eat. We drove to our vet immediately. He got infusions and was medically secured. His health did not get better. It turned out that he was infected with germs. His condition got worse every day, he was at the end.

I was on the phone with Mrs. Heine-Donig. I was looking for advice and some emotional support. I will never forget this conversation.
Original sound from this conversation: „Something like that happend, you have to expect something like this and you have to live with that.“ I was offered to take Manhattan back. However, in this case we should remember that they will decide if and when they let him be euthanized.

Every day I sat in front of his bed and read stories to him. I told him that we love him over all and he can not leave us alone. It was so bad, but he has to do it, he deserves it, he is a fighter. I told him that I can not let him go. I cried daily when I saw him sitting in front of me. I have never seen a cat suffer so much.
Of course, letting Manhattan euthanized was not an option for us!
I think that Mrs Manuela Heine-Donig has not recognized the problem until today. She wanted to offer me a free mating for my cat. From Manhattan’s brother! The brother was not examined and of course I refused. Ultimately, I got a cat as a replacement for my breeding disabled cat Manhattan.

Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig has solved the „problem Manhattan“ contractually correct. At this point, nothing is to blame.

I live with my cats. As breeders, we are committed to our cats. In my opinion the empathyless, cold way she has talked about my darling, is just outrageous and repulsive.

Manhattan is a fighter and he is doing much better. His condition is stable at the present time according to the circumstances. When I see him running I am reminded every day of our fight together.

Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig has repeatedly assured me that Manhattan is the only case of its kind. She always asked me for discretion and exhorted me to restraint. I was perplexed when I heard „stories“ about us and Manhattan which were circulated by her. What I got to hear – the Brothers Grimm were unimaginative.

The „public relations work“ carried out by Mrs. Manuela Heine-Donig make other breeders with similar problems contact me. The „problem Manhattan“ is in the Cattery Atlantic Acadia obviously not that unique how Mrs. Heine-Donig like to represents it . But that is another topic and will bring a new post at given time.

Thank you for your attention.
Manuela Eberitzsch – Maine Coon Cattery Endless Kiss